Live-to-Digital in the Arts: Across music, dance, opera, visual arts, literature, combined arts and museums

As a follow up to AEA consulting’s 2016 From Live-to-Digital theatre sector study, Arts Council England commissioned MTM to research the impact of live-to-digital on audiences and arts and culture organisations covering opera, music, dance, combined arts, visual arts, museums and literature.

The research aimed to find out:

  • Who is engaging with live-to-digital, what are they engaging with and what motivates them?
  • How does the ‘real-world’ arts experience compare to the live-to-digital one?
  • What impact is live-to-digital having on audiences for ‘real-world’ performances and events?
  • What is the future propensity for audiences to consume live-to-digital?
  • What organisations are supplying live-to-digital work and what does it look like?
  • Through which channels are arts organisations distributing their live-to-digital work?
  • What are the motivations, opportunities and barriers for arts and cultural organisations to engage in live to digital?
  • Have touring patterns and/or programming decisions been affected by live-to-digital?
  • What are the opportunities and barriers for smaller arts and cultural organisations to create live to digital content, and for arts and cultural organisation in different regions of England?
  • What are the opportunities for arts organisations to partner with each other to create live-to-digital?

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